The Workshop

Our workshop has been designed to create perfect stone surface products.

The stone is initially cut on one of our bridge saws. It is then shaped, polished and sealed and then inspected before delivery and installation.

Throughout this process, our stonemasons work to the exacting levels of craftsmanship as set out by The Guild of Master Craftsmen. This means that not only is the finished product something that we know will meet your expectations, the process of fabricating the product has been considered safe. By safe we mean environmentally safe in terms of dust minimisation and collection and the recycling of the water used. We also mean the safe operation of our machines in terms of health and safety. Bladed machinery is guarded; chemicals, where used, are used properly to avoid harm to our stonemasons and the environment; and waste is disposed off safely and where possible, recycled.

Specially adapted forklift trucks are used to move the stone and protective clothing in the form of breathing apparatus, footwear, ear protection and gloves are worn where appropriate.