About Marble

Marble has an enduring elegance that can be used to create luxury finishes in bathroom and bedroom areas, work surfaces, wall tiles and flooring.

As a material

Marble is metamorphosed limestone composed primarily of carbonate materials, namely dolomite or calcite. Marble, like granite, is formed from heat and pressure beneath the earth’s crust. The recrystallisation causes the formation and texture to vary. Impurities in the process result in the wide variety of veining and colours. For example ,the purest calcite marble (Thassos) is white, whilst marble containing hematite is more red in colour. The yellow marbles contain limonite, and the green marbles contain more serpentine. The recrystallisation process makes the structure of the rock more solid and enables the stone to be polished.

As a surface for your home

Marble is softer and more porous than granite and is therefore more suitable to environments in bathrooms and bedrooms. The slight surface translucency gives marble a rich visual texture.

In colours

View our range of colours, any of which we can supply to your specifications. For information on our most popular colours and patterns, get in touch. Please note that there are many, many different marbles available – customers are more than welcome to visit our suppliers to make their selection.