Project Wetner

What we did

Supplied, fabricated and installed Crema Quartz worktops with cut outs for sinks and cooker.

Customer comments

What made you choose to use Oxford Stone Craftsmanship for your project?

We heard of them through a friend, who told us they were good and had a nice way about them.

What did you think of their workmanship?

Spot on. Everything looks great and we’re very happy with the way it was installed. Lovely finish against the wall and on the edges. The Quartz kitchen table is fabulous, we now spend all out time in there!

What did you think of their project management and customer service delivery?

All good. We were told when it would be installed and it was installed on that day. They kept the house spotless and protected all surfaces in the kitchen and hallway as they were doing the job.

Were there any complications?


Would you recommend them, and if so, why?

Yes we would. They were nice people who were honest and explained the whole process before they arrived and on the day itself. Some of the job was a bit fiddly yet they overcame these tweaks in a really professional way.  I wish I’d had them supply and fit my whole kitchen! The Quartz table is very well made and finishes the kitchen so well. It’s not a huge space so being able to use the weight of the stone to create a narrow yet strong table is ideal for us.

Mrs Wetner, Dagenham