What is Basalt?

Basalt is very often overshadowed by its more famous cousin, granite. It is however a very beautiful stone that can create a soft yet slightly industrial feel to your home.

Basalt is an igneous rock that is formed when magma cools very rapidly, for example when the lava flow from a volcano hits the ocean. Because the cooling process is rapid there is no time for crystals to develop in the stone and basalt as a result tends to be very finely grained. This is where basalt differs from granite as the latter forms when magma cools very slowly under the earth’s crust. Granites tend to have a much coarser structure as crystals have time to develop and the colour of the resulting crystals is dependant upon the minerals present in that particular part of the world.

Basalt is one of the most frequently occuring rocks on earth and in fact the dark areas visible on our moon are plains of basaltic lava flows! It’s finely grained texture and gentle movement provides a subtle pattern in the surface that adds interest without being overpowering.¬†We recently fabricated and installed this beautiful bespoke Basalt sink..

If you are looking for a surface that is a little bit out of the ordinary we recommend you take a look at basalt! You are welcome to visit our showroom for a sample..