carrara 1 Bianco Carrara CD

Carrara (Nile) 30 mm July 2016 Bianco Carrara C

The 650 quarries located in the Apuan Alps surrounding the city of Carrara in northern Tuscany have produced more marble than any other place on earth. This is not surprising considering the fact that Carrara marble is perhaps one of the most beautiful and iconic of all the natural stones.

Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo is said to have visited the Apuan Alps on several occassions in order to personally select the blocks of Statuario marble from which he would create his masterpieces. The pure white Statuario deposits have now unfortunately been depleted but Carrara (grades C and CD), as well as the distinctive Calacatta Gold marble, is still quarried here.

Each slab of Carrara marble is unique and whether you prefer soft blue-greys or sharp dark grey veining we will source the perfect slab for you!