How to Choose the Right Coloured Kitchen Worktops

Trusted Worktop Installation Team in Oxford

When you decide to upgrade or update the worktops in your kitchen, trust Oxford Stone Craftsmanship to get the job done from start to finish. We dedicate ourselves to your project, and you can always count on us for any help or questions you may have along the way. Our many years of experience in the industry help you determine what colour worktop you wish to have us install. Those years also give you access to the best available worktops because of our relationships with manufacturers. No matter the budget, we will get you a gorgeous new kitchen worktop.

Should You Go With Grey, White, or Black Worktops?

You have so many options when it comes to different colours regarding new kitchen worktops. It can be a bit overwhelming, but with Oxford Stone Craftsmanship in your corner, you do not have to worry about a thing. Check out below for some pros and cons based on the top three worktop colours:

Grey Worktops: a neutral colour such as grey and make your room warm or cold based on what shade you pick. You also have a plethora of textures to choose from to help give them character. Having a professional on your side for this can make the decision easy.

White Worktops: If you need to open up your space, try white kitchen worktops. The surface will reflect the natural light bringing unheard-of radiance to your room.

Black Worktops: You may think all black kitchen worktops would close-in the room, but if paired with the suitable coloured cabinets, walls, and flooring, they could open it up with a better definition.

OSC Matches Your Worktops to the Rest of Your Kitchen

Updating and upgrading your kitchen is a significant investment in your time and your house. The Oxford Stone Craftsmanship team can help ensure you make it a wise investment. Based on your current aesthetics or the new direction you are looking to head, we can fit the worktop to pair well with your walls, floors, cabinets, and appliances. Simply changing out your worktop can be a simple way to remodel your kitchen if looking to stay on a tight budget. Depending on your colour choice, it can change the room dramatically while leaving your other features untouched. You will not have to worry about buying new appliances because we can custom cut and fit your worktop.

Reach Out to Oxford Stone Craftsmanship for Assistance

Our team cannot wait to help you switch it up in your house by getting new worktops. We can get you access to plenty of the best options from industry leading manufacturers. From start to finish, we are the team to help make your kitchen dreams come true. Call today to schedule your initial consultation. By sitting down with our professional design team, you can work together for the smoothest transition possible when remodelling and upgrading your space.