The polished finish on both natural stone and quartz and ceramic surfaces is currently the most popular for kitchen work surfaces. The polished finish provides a beautiful reflection (especially on natural stone and ceramic surfaces) and is easy to wipe down and clean.

The honed finish is completely flat and matt and is a great alternative to the polished finish for granite and marble surfaces. Some natural stones are available in the UK in a honed finish as standard but others would need to be shipped by special order. This can mean that additional lead times will apply but our showroom team are happy to advise you. Depending on the stone selected the honed finish may require a little more maintenance than the polished finish.

The leathered finish for granites is becoming increasingly popular. The textured surface provides an organic feel and is pleasant to touch. Again, depending on the stone selected, this may be available in the UK or shipped by special order.

Many quartz and ceramic surface manufacturers also offer a matt, very slightly textured alternative to the polished finish – please do ask a member of our team about this option and we would be happy to advise you.


The profile edge refers to the edge of your work surfaces and there are many options available. Our standard profile edge is the double chamfer. This is a square edge with a small bevel at the top and bottom of the surface to remove the sharp edge. All quotations include the double chamfer profile edge unless otherwise specified.

The double pencil round profile edge is a popular alternative to the double chamfer. It is still a square edge but the top and bottom edges are slightly rounded for a softer feel. Both the double chamfer and the double pencil round profile edges are included in your quotation at no additional cost.

There are a range of other profile edges available if you are looking for something a little different – from the contemporary shark nose to the classic ogee – you are welcome to discuss these with a member of our team. Some illustrations of profile edges are listed below but if you have a specific edge in mind – or an image that you like – please do send us an enquiry. We are happy to create bespoke edge details if we are able to do so.

Double Chamfer
Double Pencil Round
Half Bull Nose Edging Services by Oxford Stone Craftsmanship Half Bull Nose
Full Bull Nose
Ogee Style Profile Edge Ogee
20/20 Double Chamfer
20/20 V Notch