This beautiful quartzite, quarried in Brazil, is also known as Bianco Eclipsia. Quartzite is a metamorphic stone converted from sandstone through heat and pressure. In its purest form Super White is nearly totally white but more frequently it contains beautiful grey veining and patterning. This veining is formed from impurities such as clay and silica present in the sandstone. The varying quantities of iron oxide present means that slabs also commonly display pink shades in the veining.

Although quartzite is more similar to marble then granite (marble also being metamorphic stones vs granites that are igneous) it is much harder wearing than marble. We recommend that this quartzite is sealed once a year to prevent staining, but this is a quick and straight forward process. Everyday cleaning is simple, and this is a fantastic choice of material for a kitchen worksurface.

Super White looks beautiful in both contemporary and traditional kitchens alike. Slabs vary significantly and all of our clients are welcome to visit our wholesale suppliers to select the slab that is perfect for their kitchen design. We would love to talk through the range of beautiful quartzites available with you – from the stunning Super White, to the soft and warm Bianco Macaubas and gorgeous green Costa Smeralda – please do give us a call on 01865 777303 or visit our showroom.

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